Canon Law and other statements of doctrine

It is increasingly recognized that many of the more scholarly precise statements of doctrine insisted upon in the past... were both unnecessary and disastrous. In words borrowed from Vatican II, they were due to a failure to recognize the difference between ‘the truths of faith’ and ‘the manner in which they are formulated’ (Gaudium et spes, 62)—Article on ‘Orthodoxy’, by Adrian Hastings, in The Oxford Companion to Christian Thought

Thirty-nine Articles — The Church Society provides a good page on the The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion

Joint statement on the Doctrine of God — The Anglican Primates, "in the light of current challenges to historic Christian doctrine from various quarters, and of the growing influence of different kinds of “post-modern” theory which question the very idea of universal and abiding truth," made a joint statement on the Doctrine of God in July 2002.

Canons of US Episcopal Church — The Canons of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. The complete text of the 1991 ECUSA national Canons (PDF file).

Westminster Confession — The Westminster Confession of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

CofE Canons — Church of England canons on ministers: their ordination, functions and charge

Ecclesiastical Law Society — Website of the Ecclesiastical Law Society. Their articles are not on line; see issue #4, "Faith, Doctrine and Roman Catholic Canon Law", and issue #18, "Report of the Working Party on Clergy Discipline".

Leeder, L. Ecclesiastical Law Handbook, pp. 267-270 and 401-02.

Hill, M. Ecclesiastical Law, 2nd ed., pp. 154-164.

Doe, Norman; The Legal Framework for the Church of England; Oxford 1996. See esp ch 9, "Faith & Doctrine"

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