The Editor - Dinah Livingstone

Sofia is the magazine of the Sea of Faith Network (UK) and is published quarterly.

Dinah Livingstone has edited Sofia since 2004. She is a writer, translator and poet and has given many poetry readings and talks. Her work has received some good reviews.

Her most recent poetry collections are The Vision Splendid (2014) and Poems of Hampstead Heath and Regent's Park (2012).

Her most recent prose book is The Making of Humanity (2017), following Poetic Tales (2010) and The Poetry of Earth (2000).

Her first published translation was Nature and Grace by Karl Rahner (Sheed and Ward, 1963).
Since then her translations have included The Music of the Spheres by Ernesto Cardenal;
Poets of the Nicaraguan Revolution by 36 poets;
Zapatista Stories by Subcomandante Marcos;
and, more recently, three volumes of Pope Francis' Morning Homilies (Orbis Books, New York 2015-16).

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